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With the decline of Lister from their position as prime engine supplier for many industrial, marine and domestic applications, there has been a corresponding falling away of the support network for these fine engines. The UK dealer network has almost disappeared, making specialist service, choice of supplier, advice and parts supply hard to come by in many areas. Here at Listerparts, we are able to offer an increasingly rare combination of product supply; hands on experience of the product - plus we are happy to help with information, if we can, even if you don't shop here. We would like to think you have now found the most local, best stocked Lister dealer you could wish for -- no more than a click away from your closest keyboard. We are UK based, supplying worldwide.

At, Lister parts, engines and associated items are the only thing we do. We keep a comprehensive stock of minor and major service items for most series engines of the last 50 years or so, to date, plus exchange units and major components. Whatever your requirement, from a nut or bolt to a new engine or a guaranteed rebuilt unit, just ask. For non-stock items, our considerable expertise in the field of parts location and extensive network of alternative sources means we will usually be able to deliver a more complete solution than most. Please note, we only cater for Diesel Lister engines -- not petrol series.

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Please  email  or telephone, or go to the  Engine Index Page    either to help identify your engine if you are not sure which Lister you have, or for some useful information on parts and ordering for your engine.

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