Lister Petter Marine Gearboxes

If you have one of the following series of engines and it has its original gearbox, it will be one of the first three below.
Engine Series LD and SL will typically have an SL3 gearbox fitted, although may be retrofitted
with either an LM100 or LH150.
Engine Series LR, SR, STW and SW may have either the LM100 or LH150 fitted.
No other series of Lister engines used any of the first three gearbox types.

For engine series FR1-3, HA, HB, HR, HRW, HW 2 & 3 cylinder versions, see the 2G  listing.
Click on the blue links to go to the relevant page for your gearbox type.

                             Lister LM100 Marine Gearbox and Reduction Box

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     LH150 Marine Hydraulic Gearbox

   Lister SL3 Marine Gearbox

   Lister 2G Marine Gearbox

    Lister 3G Marine Gearbox

    Lister LH500 Marine Gearbox

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