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Lister and Petter Stock Check List

With the passage of time and significant changes in the manufacturing, sourcing and sometimes the quality of components the best advice by some margin is to either email or call
us and discuss your requirements. The list here Parts List Here gives you some idea of the variety involved in keeping various generations of Listers in service. The list is  not exhaustive. so if you don't see the number(s) you need, just ask.

You are unlikely to find anywhere with 100% availability, but we always do our best to keep you going.  Ideally, when contacting us, please have your engine number to hand.
If you don't know which model your engine is, then please send some photos.  If you have your own parts list, be sure to use the numbers relevant to your version where the
parts list covers more than one version. Remember also that if you have an original parts list there may have been supersessions and modifications since it was published, which is why it always pays to contact us.

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