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Lister T Series; TX

A robust workhorse of an engine with shared Lister and Petter heritage. Production ceased roundabout 2001. Per cylinder, the most powerful of all the T series engines. Predominantly used in motive and plant applications the TX is not as common as the TS and TR and there is little parts commonality. Availability of major parts can be a challenge and for this reason if you are looking to use a TX in a new project, think about the TR instead.

Below are listed some useful tips on what to look for when ordering some of the more common pieces for your TX. If you think we have missed something useful, or got something wrong, please email and let us know. We welcome any suggestions for improving the usefulness of this page.

Lister TX Parts Availability:

Routine Service Items -- 100% availability. If ordering, please note the following first:

Oil Filter. Just one type -- as easy as it gets.

Fuel Filter. There are two patterns of fuel filter used on the TX range.

1. Metal body filter element, sandwiched between a filter head and lower bowl section, secured by a single central bolt from the top.

2. Spin on, throw away canister type.

Air Filter There are several different air filter sizes used on the TX series, primarily divided between the 'pancake' type filter element and cylindrical elements. If you can see a part number on the existing element, that will do fine. If not, for pancake types pleas advise outside diameter, inside diameter and height (of the element, not the housing). Some TX are fitted with a foam element. Providing it is not breaking up and not too heavily soiled it should be washable. For cylindrical types we need the diameter and length, plus inside diameter at each end of the element. Some heavy duty applications may have an inner and outer cylindrical element.
External Components --- Near 100% availability.

Alternator.    A photo is handy if ordering as suppliers and patterns have changed over time. The majority are 12 volt, but 24 volt was available, so please specify if yours is 24 volt.

Drive Belts The alternator and fan are driven by a flat multi groove belt. As there weren't many options we can do this by part number, but it's never any harm to let us have a length measurement, just to be sure.

Clutch / Couplings   T series used for propulsion (e.g. dumpers) will have a conventional automotive pattern clutch assembly. Please confirm size (diameter) before ordering as different plant manufacturers' specifications vary. We are hearing reports that some currently supplied carbon face thrust bearings are failing prematurely due to suspect origin / quality; we are able to offer a roller bearing alternative if preferred.
Couplings: Numerous patterns of coupling have been used and generally supply is not a problem. A photo is handy if you are not sure what type you have.

Starter Motor Just one type for the TX; the current part directly replacing any earlier units. Only exceptions are if you have a 24 volt motor fitted.

Control Solenoids We would really like a photo to be on the safe side. Don't forget to mention if your electrics are 24 volt.

Heater Plug  No problem at all.

Fuel Injectors   No supply issues but there were modifications and supplier changes over time, so any numbers off your existing units are helpful. For optimal running we recommend replacing injectors in sets rather than have a mix of units from different suppliers.

Fuel Injection Pumps    No supply issues. Various changes of suppliers over time. If you're not sure what you are doing with these pumps, the job is best left to a person with suitable experience, as removal and refitting inevitably involves checking both the injection timing and balance between pumps. Note that the links between the pumps are relatively delicate items and should be handled with care. If the current available item is from a different manufacturer, we recommend fitting as a set.

Fuel Lift Pump Pump suppliers changed over time and for early engines fitted with an original pump, some pipework modification may be required, as early pattern pumps are not to be had.

Cooling FanScarce and expensive if available. If you have issues with your existing unit we are happy to look at refurbishing it, or supply appropriate bearings.

Gaskets and Joints 100% availabilty; sets or individually. Unlike the TS and TR, TX cylinder heads do not utilise a head to barrel gasket and adjustment of the cylinder head to piston clearance is effected by shimming the cylinder barrel from the crankcase.

Major / Internal Components

Limited and varying availability of many key parts.
If your TX is in need of significant overhaul it is essential to check before commencing any work whether the appropriate parts are available to allow you to complete the job. Please contact us to check current availability.This page is the property of No reproduction without prior approval and visible credit
Complete Engines
Due to the component situation we are not generally able to offer rebuilt units. We do sometimes have good used TX available. Nothing to lose by asking and seeing if you are lucky on the day.

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