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Lister STW Series;

The water cooled version of the ST, the STW was in production for around 14 years from 1977 and was supplied pretty much exclusively as a marine build, being very popular as a lifeboat engine. The bottom half core components (cylinders excepted) are generally shared with the ST, but much of the rest of the engine is different and various parts can be problematic. Like the ST, it is a well engineered unit, but corrosion tends to be the big issue. If you are looking at one for a new project and need a water cooled Lister it is probably better to consider the later Alpha series engines, although they tend not to sound as nice as the STW.

Below are listed some useful tips on what to look for when ordering some of the more common pieces for your STW. If you think we have missed something useful, or got something wrong, please email and let us know. We welcome any suggestions for improving the usefulness of this page.

Lister STW Parts Availability:

Routine Service Items -- 100% availability. If ordering, please note the following first:

Oil Filter.Where fitted, just one type -- as easy as it gets.

Fuel Filter. There are two patterns of fuel filter used on the STW range.
1. Small paper element type contained within a metal bowl; the bowl is secured by a single bolt from the bottom. STW2.

2. Metal body filter element, sandwiched between a filter head and lower bowl section, secured by a single central bolt from the top. STW3.

Air Filter Although it may have an air filter housing, it may be empty and used as an intake silencer as most STW are not fitted with a cleaner element. If there is one, please advise element dimensions

External Components --- Varying availability.

Varying patterns fitted over time; a photo is helpful if ordering. Remember to mention if your electrics are 24 volt.

Drive Belts If you are unable to see any numbers on the existing belt, please advise inside length of the belt and the width of the belt. We have seen numerous different pulleys fitted to STW series and it is important to ensure the belt does not ground out in the bottom of the groove.

Starter Motors (Electric)
Good availability; remember to specify if 24 volt.

Starter Motors (Clockwork; Hydraulic)
Available to order. Seriously expensive. This page is the property of No reproduction without prior approval and visible credit
Fuel Injectors   Good availability.

Fuel Injection Pumps    No supply issues. If you're not sure what you are doing with these pumps, the job is best left to a person with suitable experience, as removal and refitting inevitably involves checking both the injection timing and balance between pumps.

Fuel Lift Pump Readily available.

Raised Hand Start Limited availability of sprocket assemblies but repair parts available. Chain; readily available.

Water Pump
Good availability but an expensive item. Impellers and repair kits also available. New drive shafts in stock.

Exhaust Manifold
Unless you are very lucky, nil availability of original manifolds. We are able to supply in stainless; made to order.

Water Manifold
Nil availability. We can have stainless made to pattern.

Gaskets and Joints 100% availabilty; sets or individually.

Internal Components

Patchy availability of parts peculiar to the STW.

If you are contemplating significant work to your STW we strongly recommend you investigate the degree of corrosion present within the engine before committing to any expenditure. Carefully remove the water rail; take your time -- if it has significant corrosion it is likely to break if subject to any leverage. Check the condition of the rail and the appearance of the cylinder head water passages. If these give you cause for concern it is time to move down and check the cylinder jackets. Take your time removing the cylinder doors. Once these are off, you should have a good picture of the extent of any corrosion.
New cylinder heads and cylinder barrels are not to be had, unless you get a lucky break and the availability of serviceable used items is not good as they all tend to suffer the same issues. We occasionally have them, so always ask. Pistons and bottom end pieces are generally not an issue as they are common with the ST. Cylinder head components are generally peculiar to the STW but we are usually able to supply.

Complete Engines
New engines long unobtainable. We sometimes have core units available for rebuild. If you want your own engine rebuilding we really need to inspect it before coming to a decision due to the corrosion issues.

Top Tip !
First --- if laying up a raw water cooled STW, drain the block and pump and refill with an anti freeze mix of at least 30%. Apart from frost protection it will inhibit corrosion. If it is skin tank cooled, then keep that mix in all year round.

Second -- if the oil level rises slowly and / or the oil smells of fuel, this is always a sign of fuel finding its way into the sump. Typically this will be coming from the fuel pumps and is a sign it is time to have them overhauled. Less often, it may be due to a leaking internal pipe or defective lift pump. Whatever the reason, don't ignore it as it will only get worse and oil thinned with fuel just isn't going to do its job properly. In extreme cases there is a theoretical possibility of the engine runnig away on fuel vapour from the sump.

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