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Production of the water cooled variants of the A series commenced in 1967 and lasted through to the mid 1980s. For general information and parts common to both series, please have a look at the page for the AA - AD series engines. Unlike the air cooled versions however, the water cooled units tend to be quite problematic, overhwelmingly due to corrosion issues; this applies particularly to units that have been used in sea water rather than fresh water. All parts of the engine that are in contact with water are prone to significant corrosion, with the exception of the circulating pump. This factor alone means careful assessment is needed before deciding whether to repair an engine, or replace it with something else. Components peculiar to the water cooled version and particularly cylinder heads and cylinders are significantly scarce and if you find good used pieces, they are likely to be significantly expensive.

Below are listed some useful tips on items peculiar to the water cooled engines. If you think we have missed something useful, or got something wrong, please email and let us know. We welcome any suggestions for improving the usefulness of this page.

Lister ABW, ACW :

The tricky stuff !
Water Pump. Most parts list show only one type. In fact there were two types used, so a photo is a good idea if ordering. Repair pieces for the pump, or replacement pumps generally not an issue.

Cylinder Heads. Cylinder Heads tend to be bad news on the ABW and ACW, suffering considerable corrosion issues. Replacements are hard to come by. If you have issues with the cylinder head, you need to look carefully at the rest of the water carrying parts of the engine, as realistically corrosion is likely to be an issue throughout. In this event, it really may make more sense to consider a replacement engine as an expensive partial repair will still leave many other corroderd pieces.

Anything else containing water. You are probably getting the picture ! Look for corrosion. Limited availabilty of most items.


More bad news. The majority of the gearboxes originally fitted are very obsolete and not economically repairable when they start slipping. If the rest of the engine merits the expenditure, better to go for a conversion to a currently available gearbox. If your engine already has a Hurth, ZF or PRM, repairs should be no problem

Starter Motors
Specify single or twin cylinder.
Availability of both starters is good. Pl

Solenoids, and protection devices. Generally soleniods and oil protection devices fitted to the A series are no problem
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Fuel Injectors   Various changes of manufacturer over time, but general availability good.

Fuel Injection Pumps    No supply issues. If you're not sure what you are doing with these pumps, the job is best left to a person with suitable experience, as removal and refitting inevitably involves checking both the injection timing.

Fuel Lift Pump Readily available.

Gaskets and Joints 100% availabilty; sets or individually.

Internal Components

Generally good availability, but again, some costs may come as an unpleasant surprise. It is essential to establish exactly which version you have before ordering internal components.

Complete Engines
New engines long since unobtainable and usable used units very scarce.

Top Tip !

We have found that engines which are unused for long periods may suffer with a sticking injection pump. If it ran OK last time you used it, but won't start next time, check that it is actually injecting some fuel. A secondary issue with older engines is that gradual loss of compression due to wear, defective valve seating etc. can result in very reluctant hand starting. The small cylinder capacity makes the A series that little bit harder to start than larger capacity engines and so any loss of compression exacerbates this symptom. If your A series is fitted with a heater plug, ensuring this is in good order will make starting a tired engine that bit easier.

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