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Lister FR, FRM

Introduced around 1954 and in production for ten years the FR series was available in single to six cylinder configuration (no five cyl) but is now quite scarce, with surviving units predominantly found in generation and marine use.
A conventional, water cooled engine they are reasonably low revving and robust and looked after, give good service. The bad news is that virtually all parts for the FR series are seriously hard to come by. If you are considering a refurbishment of an FR you need to be prepared for a great deal of hunting around first, to establish whether you will be able to source the necessary items.
For this reason, if you are considering buying an FR as an engine to do a job rather than a hobby project, the only sensible advice is don't.
If you are contemplating an FR as a hobby unit, be aware they are a seriously heavy piece of kit ! For a working engine, the HR / W series are a far better choice for the longer term.
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Lister FR FRM :

As maentioned above, the parts situation for the FR is extremely poor. The only worthwhile advice is to ring and ask on the day for availability.
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Complete Engines
We are unable to offer rebuilds for the FR due to non-availability of parts.

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