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Lister HA, HB, HS, HW Series;

A versatile and robust workhorse of an engine in production for around 10 years up to around 1970 and with a good number still earning their keep today. Avaialble in two, three, four and six cylinder versions, power outputs ranged from 20HP to 90HP Over the production run there were a large number of build options, so if at all possible, always have the engine number when ordering. Standard rotation for all versions is anti-clockwise, but two and three cylinder versions were available in a clockwise rotation build. When looking at any Lister engine, rotation is defined by which way the flywheel runs when it is viewed from the flywheel end of the engine. Clockwise versions may have the letter 'C' after the engine type n the number plate (e.g. 'HA3C). If ordering parts remember to say if your unit is clockwise rotation as some components obviously differ.
Two and three cylinder units utilise a flywheel cooling fan arrangement, while fours and sixes have a belt driven fan.
Water coold versions (HW, HWS) had a shorter production run and were significantly outsold by the air cooled models, making parts peculiar to them somewhat more of a challenge. The significant differences between this series engine and the later HR / HRW lie in bearing and piston sizes, with some availability issues arising. Always check availability before commencing any machining.
Otherwise, these engines are closely related to the later series HR / HRW, so for a general overview on availabilities, for air cooled go Here
and for water cooled go Here This page is the property of No reproduction without prior approval and visible credit
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