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Lister CR3, CRK3

Introduced around 1986, the CR and CRK are not really a Lister at all, but a Ford engine. Listed for a full range of applications, they most commonly seem to pop up as marine units, but only in very small numbers compared to contemporary 'proper' marine Listers.
A conventional, water cooled engine they are reasonably low revving and robust and looked after, give good service.
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Lister CR3 CRK3 :

Parts availability for all components is generally excellent. Be aware however that Lister did modify some aspects of the original engine, and it is likely to be these items that will become the trickier pieces as time goes by. It is also worth noting that the Lister prices for many parts of this series engine are astronomical. Where possible, we offer comparable quality parts at a more realistic cost.
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Complete Engines
New engines unavailable in Lister form. Scarce as used units, but a rebuild of your own engine is not a problem.

Top Tip !

A good, robust engine, but not 'bombproof' in the same way some of the tradiitonal Listers are. The cooling system needs to be maintained in good order and it is important that the fuel supply is leak free (i.e that it can't draw any air in). If enough air finds its way to the DPA injection pump, you won't be going anywhere until you have bled it; inconvenient as these things always happen at the wrong time.

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