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Lister Petter AA, AB, AC, AD Series;

Starting life as a Petter engine in 1964, the AA and subsequent variants are among the longest production run of the Lister Petter units , production lasting over 40 years. Ranging from 3.5HP up to around 14 HP for the last AD twin cylinder version, there was an overlap of production of many of the variants. With the AC series, a change was made from indirect to direct injection and it is important to know which you have when ordering parts, as the AC may be either. The easiest visual clue is that indirect units have an injector mounted horizontally into the head, while the direct injection versions have an injector mounted almost vertically. All AD are direct injection.
Parts availability is generally good due to high volumes and a long production run, but be aware some pieces are more expensive than you might expect for so small an engine. If you are looking for peripheral items bolted onto the engines, a photo may help as there have been numerous options over time.

Below are listed some useful tips on what to look for when ordering some of the more common pieces for your A series engine. If you think we have missed something useful, or got something wrong, please email and let us know. We welcome any suggestions for improving the usefulness of this page.

Lister AA, AB, AC, AD Parts Availability:

Routine Service Items -- 100% availability.
Oil Filter. Just two types; one for all single cylinder variants and a different one for twin cylinder.
Fuel Filter. There are two patterns of fuel filter used on the A series.
1. Small paper element type contained within a metal bowl; the bowl is secured by a single bolt from the bottom.

2. Small cylindrical filter contained within the fuel tank. Allow some time for this job; it can be quite a fiddle to remove the old filter.

Air Filter Over time there have been upward of half a dozen air filter element types. You really need to have the negine number when ordering; if not, then the dimensions of the filter element. Remember if it's an AC you need to know whether it's direct or indirect injection.

External Components --- Near 100% availability.

Charging System
A series fitted with a charging system use charge windings fitted within the flywheel and a regulator mounted close by the flywheel housing. There have been changes both of supplier and design over time. If you think you need replacement parts we will want to know how many terminals on the regulator (a photo is handy) plus the engine number. Some combinations are obsolete and an effective repair may include flywheel removal. Our experience is that generally all the flywheel charge systems leave something to be desired and are prone to various failings. We are able to supply test data if you wish to check where your problem may be.
It is important not to run the engine with the battery out of circuit and any evidence of oil within the flywheel housing should be investigated as it has a detrimental effect on the charge windings insulation and function.

Starter Motors
If you are shopping around for a starter motor for your A series be aware there is often considerable confusion among non-Lister sources over the issue of rotation. The rotation of your A series is defined by which way the flywheel turns as viewed from the flywheel end of the engine. The rotation of a starter motor is determined by which way the pinion turns as viewed from the pinion end of the motor. The simple rule is that if you have an engine that turns anti clockwise you need a clockwise rotation motor and vice versa. Many starter suppliers simply refer to rotation without being clear whether they mean the starter or the engine, or indeed without knowing how Lister define rotation.
Single cylinder engines: Single cylinder A series fitted electric start may be either rotation, so be sure which is applicable before ordering.
Twin Cylinder: All twin cylinder A series are anti-clockwise rotation, so just one starter.
Availability of all starters is good.

Solenoids, and protection devices. Generally soleniods and oil protection devices fitted to the A series are no problem
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Fuel Injectors   Various changes of manufacturer over time, but general availability good.

Fuel Injection Pumps    No supply issues. If you're not sure what you are doing with these pumps, the job is best left to a person with suitable experience, as removal and refitting inevitably involves checking both the injection timing.

Fuel Lift Pump Readily available.

Hand Start Systems Over time there have been numerous hand start options offered and if ordering parts, a photograph or two of the starting set up is helpful, as well as knowing the rotation of the engine. Availability of the more common options is good, but be aware that the cost of some components will put a hole in your wallet.

Gaskets and Joints 100% availabilty; sets or individually.

Internal Components

Generally good availability, but again, some costs may come as an unpleasant surprise. It is essential to establish exactly which version you have before ordering internal components.

Complete Engines
New engines long unobtainable. We carry a good selection of core units and will usually be able to offer a rebuilt exchange engine to meet your specification. We sometimes have good used engines available.

Top Tip !
The A Series are generally reliable engines but there are a couple things to keep an eye out for as they get older. First -- ensure there is a good cooling air flow around the cylinder(s), particularly if the engine either works in a dusty environment and / or leaks any oil. If not, remove the cowling and give the fins a good clean.
Second -- We have found that engines which are unused for long periods may suffer with a sticking injection pump. If it ran OK last time you used it, but won't start next time, check that it is actually injecting some fuel. A secondary issue with older engines is that gradual loss of compression due to wear, defective valve seating etc. can result in very reluctant hand starting. The small cylinder capacity makes the A series that little bit harder to start than larger capacity engines and so any loss of compression exacerbates this symptom. If your A series is fitted with a heater plug, ensuring this is in good order will make starting a tired engine that bit easier.

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