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Lister Alpha LPW, LPWS, LPWT Marine Fuel Lift Pump

Lister 757-14176

We now have stock of genuine OE manufacturer pumps, as originally fitted by Lister when your engine was new.

If you need a replacement fuel lift pump for the Alpha series marine propulsion engine fitted in your boat, (LPW, LPWS, LPWT)  you will likely be struggling to find an exact replacement. 

Regrettably, even those you will find in an official Lister bag  are now likely to be an inferior substitute piece.

You will find numerous listings online for pumps that claim to be a suitable cross reference; in our experience, not one of them are fully correct.

Why does it matter ?

First -- fit to the engine.  The relationship of the actuating pushrod to the pump cam lever is different on the Alpha series, compared to older Lister models.
Problem is, all the aftermarket pieces we have seen use a lower housing based on the old pattern. In some cases, the pushrod will actually foul on the pump housing and in others it will not be in the correct relationship to the cam lever. This results in an incorrect stroke on the lever and may give an inadequate output (or none). Please see the photograph of the rear of the correct pump. If the pump you are looking at does not look like this, it is not the real item.


Second -- Pipe fit. Some aftermarket pieces do not even have the ports on the same plane; on others we have seen shoddy finishing leading to sealing difficulties. The bottom line is that for a straightforward 'plug and play' installation, there is quite literally no substitute for the real thing.

Third --- Valves and access.  The marine pump has a removable top cover for a reason --- to allow the cleaning of any detritus trapped in the filter gauze within the pump.
Remember -- typically, the lift pump is fitted before the fuel filter if there is only one filter used. Some substitute pumps do not have this facility.  Looking inside the pump, the two valves used on some non-genuine items are about as feeble as it must be possible to make them and there is basically almost no detectable suction if the pump is tested dry.

Fourth -- Priming Lever and general quality.  The correct pump has a manual priming lever fully secured at both ends of the operating shaft and a finger or thumb friendly
operating pad at the front of the pump. Some aftermarket units are fitted with just a single lever attached to just one end of the operating shaft (more stress; more likely to break)
and have to be operated on just the side of the pump. Nowhere near as handy as the real thing.  The correct pump weighs in at around  500g. We have seen other pieces at less than 300g; that is quite a lot of missing material.

The bad news ? In this case, original quality comes at a price (92.50 inc. UK postage).  If you are over the shock and want to order, please call or email.

(Note -- early Alpha marine engines, up to around mid 1996, were fitted with the industrial lift pump, which has parallel ports and is not the subject here).